Trip to Lewes

I learned recently that my sister-in-law is going to Oxford to sing for a week, July/August of 2018 and I can bum a ride on the airplane as a friend of the chorale group.  I’ll do that and wander around Oxford for a day or so, rent a car to take me to Lewes for 2-3 days research with Helen, then wander back to Oxford and then back home.

This gives me additional time to get walking fit and to work on my writing and research, plan what I want to see and research in Lewes.

I’m settling in well in my new home and instigating financial, health and physical fitness goals.  This September through the end of the year I want to get writing again and get this project back on track.

Getting the Ball Rolling

I set up this site and made a post in each of the three categories I decided on:  posts about this site, posts relating to writing the book, and posts about the physical aspect of getting ready to travel to England next spring.

Since then I have set up the writing space for my essays and have the first one roughed out. I have decided to try and write one a week and am aiming for at least 1000 words, hopefully more.  Yesterday I put my pedometer in my pocket and did an exploratory walk around my community, scoping things out and figured out that with my stride, there are 2880 steps in a mile.

Having accomplished this, why don’t I feel better?  I think it is too easy, too organized; I’m a master planner and a weak follower-througher.  But interests and habits form, despite our best efforts to get in our own way. I have been researching this family line full-time for six years now.  I am still walking, I have put the pedometer back in my pocket again. I am in a place where I can choose better nutrition for myself; I have a chef cooking my meals. I have miles of wooded walking trails now, not a concrete loop in front of my home where I imagined myself at 85 walking around and around, pointlessly, 10 times to the mile. I have potential walking partners, a swimming pool, wii bowling, a garden in front of me that needs my care.

Care.  That’s the key, time and care:  “It is the time you have wasted for your rose that makes your rose so important.” ~Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

The Year of the Book

This is the year I have set aside to write most of a book of essays about the Richard Cardins (1702-1871), their vague predecessors and immediate ancestors related to me.

This time next year I would like to be planning for a trip to Lewes, Sussex, England, to see what the seventeenth and eighteenth century Richards and their wives and children might have seen and, hopefully, experience a bit of what they might have felt.

My problem is that Lewes main street is a respectably steep hill and I’m in less than perfect physical shape to be wandering up and down and all around it.  As well as the year of the book, this is the year I buy walking shoes and get myself in shape to spend a week walking up and down and all around that hilly street!

So, this new site (March 19, 2016) is to be a documentation of these two endeavors, the writing and the walking.  Enjoy!