Good Olde Richard Edward

My great great grandfather, Richard Edward Cardin (1805-1871) bought a slave and her two children (by him) and “knew” her for 5 children’s worth from when they were both teenagers (1825ish) to around 1833-35 by which time he had freed them and arranged for their care.  In 1837 he went to England and married my great great grandmother and they came back to St. Kitts and started their family.

Slavery was done in St. Kitts in August of 1834, and my great great great grandfather died in October/early November.  Richard Edward became head of the family at that time. Before he left St. Kitts to take his English family back to London in 1843, he arranged that his oldest son would manage things in St. Kitts, would have some work.  I believe James Derrick Cardin was one of Richard Edward’s grandsons, so my 2nd cousin, once removed.

At some point I would like to have Helen help me trace my half-cousins, see if there are any remaining and what became of all that part of my family.