Health Issues

In the last 6-8 months I have been working on my carpal tunnel condition and not doing as much computer work as I would like.  I have changed my home work setup to help facilitate ease of use and am ready to get back to working on this project full-time.

I plan to have the one hundred plus-page .pdf draft we have, printed, and spend an hour or two each morning working with it.  To help create a work rhythm, I plan to take the draft copy, my computer (and coffee) to a common area of my community to do my editing for the day.

I am planning to incorporate additional walking and chores relative to this project into my day to help with physical fitness.  Too, with spring and summer underway, I am working in my garden.

We are expecting a surge of Lyme Disease/ticks this summer in Maryland and I am loath to wander into the woods surrounding my community and will look for other ways to increase my stamina for walking in England.

2017 Book Update

The format of the book has changed.  Writing is well underway and today I am taking the .pdf file down to a printer to give me a draft copy to edit.  I’ll look for gaps and questions and things I do not understand and get back into researching.

It was started as a simple document about all Helen and I knew concerning Richard 1 but quickly expanded to all our notes and references in one place, with a good bit of sequential order.  It is over 100 pages and has some good illustrations Helen has put in, maps and photos, etc.

I’ll write subsequent essays here about the gaps, questions, and research we are working on as a result of editing but the book is now about our actual genealogy research rather than a book of essays.  I hope to reprint draft copies every quarter to work on through this year and the first quarter of next.  I hope we finish the book after I return from England and can get it formally printed in the first quarter of 2019.