The Year of the Book

This is the year I have set aside to write most of a book of essays about the Richard Cardins (1702-1871), their vague predecessors and immediate ancestors related to me.

This time next year I would like to be planning for a trip to Lewes, Sussex, England, to see what the seventeenth and eighteenth century Richards and their wives and children might have seen and, hopefully, experience a bit of what they might have felt.

My problem is that Lewes main street is a respectably steep hill and I’m in less than perfect physical shape to be wandering up and down and all around it.  As well as the year of the book, this is the year I buy walking shoes and get myself in shape to spend a week walking up and down and all around that hilly street!

So, this new site (March 19, 2016) is to be a documentation of these two endeavors, the writing and the walking.  Enjoy!

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