Money and Discipline

Yesterday I wrote about habit and trying to make walking more a part of my lifestyle.  I was going to go check out dinner last night and cocktails 🙂 but did not and felt a little bad, gave the excuse that I would start today, etc.


Today though I am working on another aspect of my lifestyle, involving money and reining in my creative/imaginative, oh-look,-a-chicken. . .buy-it, response, especially regarding Amazon purchases.  Last week I instigated a daily expense sheet and a notebook journal sort of thing where I write down my ideas and then, on a money sheet, write down items I’d like to purchase, how much they’re likely to cost, and then whether I have added them to my new, special list of things I want to buy at Amazon or not.  Perhaps once a month or something I’ll decide on a project to pursue and then decide what to buy for that month, rather than just buying everything willy-nilly without first thinking it all through and whether I really would like/enjoy that item or doing that project, etc.


So, while working on this write down all ideas first before acting on them concept, I decided one should be to have two lists, an Amazon purchase list for my household supplies I order from them — toilet paper, paper towels, cat food, cleaning supplies, etc. but the new idea was to have a grocery store list of all I buy at the grocery store and better organize my grocery shopping, so I buy what’s on the list and only what is on the list.


As a result of having grocery list control, I can better control my “snack” consumption, my diet, and that should indirectly help with my physical fitness and well-being so when I wander to England next summer I will be a bit lighter weight, too.  It sounds like a good overall set of benefits to merely trying to control my out-of-control Imagination, Who has been spending money like a drunken sailor 🙂