I am concerned about my physical health/fitness and whether I can improve it enough to enjoy an intense two-week research jaunt next summer.  I have less stamina and more arthritis, aches and pains (unsteady left knee, current left heel bursa problem, and the carpal tunnel with right hand and arm that does not like sitting in most chairs) and general misgivings.


I have not been successful in increasing my walking but have done some gardening and other physical chores.  Unless I can influence my penchant for sitting, reading, computer work and play, and other non-physical activities and modify my diet (as I am trying to modify my spending habits), then I think I should call the whole thing off (or scale it way back?).


I am not sure how much of my problem is psychological.  There is a lot of hard work, both physical and organizational or mental, in getting from here to there.  I do know myself to get things done, very slowly and not in as perfect a fashion as originally envisioned or desired and I may just be looking at going from A to Z without the other 24 stops in-between.  If I just keep moving forward and not let the fear of “looming Z” to enervate me, practice focus, that might help.  I will see if I can put that into practice the next couple weeks; come up with a single “next” step, not directly connected to Z, and see what that does.


Possible Next Steps

Soaking feet nightly

Making appointment with Adam for fitness assessment

Marching in place nightly between now and assessment to increase stamina for that test

Practicing dietary consistency between now and doctor’s checkup

Practicing sleep consistency between now and doctor’s checkup

Daily SparkPeople work between now and doctor’s checkup