Emigration Date

I know when my great grandfather, Frank Charles Cantrell Cardin (1856-1936) came to the United States with his next older brother, Edmund (1854-1915) in 1873:


But I do not know when their mother, aunt, and grandmother came. Their older sister and brother-in-law and, I believe, aunt’s daughter and son-in-law emigrated in 1874 but the sequence of events and who came when, from where, etc. I would like to further understand. I believe I recall the aunt’s eldest daughter and son-in-law were married a week/month before getting on the ship and emigrating.

The above record is the original which shows Edmund and Frank lied about their age to appear older (so they would not get messed with or for some legal reason?). Too, they left from Liverpool, and there are many “Cardin” names in the records whose ships left from Liverpool and Queenstown. The number of Cardins leaving from that port and wrong dates of birth pose additional problems identifying my family members.

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