Words and Deeds

I have taken the doctor’s words, “Quit eating junk,” to heart and am trying to work with my diet but I do not have any physical goads to get me walking more or stretching, weight lifting, doing more physical activities.  I am tempted to use the Nike, “Just do it!” slogan, that sort of worked over the weekend with getting the gardening done but I suspect there is some mental block that I need to remove so the physical in me can be more free.

The other day I got side-tracked by my Shakespeare course papers and was reading each one over and remembering (and being impressed) with my efforts.  I write papers, I write here, I work on the essays for the book — too slowly, it’s true, but I do do it.  Helen and I have been researching non-stop for six years now.  I went back to class and worked through my homework and studying issues and got to where I enjoyed the challenge of the mental work, got a couple more degrees, and I would like that for my physical self?

I remember when I bought my ten-speed bike and rode it to and from the Pentagon back in the 1970’s and my surprise the first time I made it all the way up the hill from Rock Creek Park.  There’s something there that I need to reclaim for myself, some physical self I have lost contact with.  The same self that identified with Cynthia Voigt’s, The Runner.

I have a pool now but I am afraid of it.  I do not have archery but I have not searched for that so I do not know that for sure.  I have a car and my time is all my own.  I have my pedometer and lots of places inside and out to walk to.  There’s a historic town just down the street.  Perhaps I could study Sykesville history as if I were studying Lewes and get some ideas from the physical that I have not gotten from internet searching?  Pattern recognition.  That’s what my body needs, pattern recognition.  That’s why I feel I would have liked boats and rowing, the repetitiveness.  There’s a thought:  Look for the pattern(s).

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