Health Issues

In the last 6-8 months I have been working on my carpal tunnel condition and not doing as much computer work as I would like.  I have changed my home work setup to help facilitate ease of use and am ready to get back to working on this project full-time.

I plan to have the one hundred plus-page .pdf draft we have, printed, and spend an hour or two each morning working with it.  To help create a work rhythm, I plan to take the draft copy, my computer (and coffee) to a common area of my community to do my editing for the day.

I am planning to incorporate additional walking and chores relative to this project into my day to help with physical fitness.  Too, with spring and summer underway, I am working in my garden.

We are expecting a surge of Lyme Disease/ticks this summer in Maryland and I am loath to wander into the woods surrounding my community and will look for other ways to increase my stamina for walking in England.

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