Physical Fitness, Stage 1

There are two issues with my physical fitness:  (1) I have no stamina and, (2) I have no enthusiasm for working consistently on reducing my weight and increasing my physical fitness or stamina.  The trip, as motivation, is not enough to help me.  I will have to work on habit without the help of motivation to see if I can help with this personal impasse.


I will create a new fitness chore and try to lump it with other chores such as doing laundry, dishes, making the bed and putting away clothing, straightening up, doing unpleasant paperwork, caring for the critters, and gardening.


Initially, I will add trips to administrative areas and longer routes from administrative areas back to my apartment.  Instead of making phone calls to administrative areas I will walk there and talk in person.  I will walk to the Bistro several evenings a week and decide if I would like to eat dinner.


I will not buy alcohol, will only drink if I attend the Monday or Friday night happy hours.